Hair, teeth and eyeballs…

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Hey – it’s Saturday.  It’s getting late though.  Already 4pm and you know what that means.  The next time we look at the clock it will be bedtime and the weekend will be almost gone.  It will be too late for a large meal yet ice cream will not do it.

I’ve got a bathtub full of soaking wool.  It’s not dirty anymore but nothing smells like wet sheep.  My husband doesn’t understand why I miss the sheep so much since I have so much wool in one form or another all over the house.  Perhaps if I keep buying wool he’ll get that I miss having animals out here and we can get some more since – obviously – neither of us is actively dying despite dire predictions made years ago.  The actual reason we have no farm animals is because our free while-you’re-on-vacation animal feeder has left the building.  Darn that kid for growing up anyway.  Then my folks got too old to be expected to deal with horses who should have been named Houdini and chickens that don’t lay regularly.  I do miss waking up to find new lambs in the pasture though.  I also miss the rooster that we had named Cogburn.  He used to rut in the dirt.  Kinky but cheaper than cable.

I’ve got some wool hanging on the porch to dry while the batch in the tub soaks.  In a minute I’ll get off of here and start rooting hair in the doll head sitting next to me.   My kid told me he feels like he’s at Jeffrey Dahmer’s house when he comes to visit.   There are a lot of body parts sitting around.   And the bags full of hair are kind of spooky I guess.  Still – everyone has to have some kind of hobby.    I think it would help if the doll heads had eyes in them but I can’t put them in until after the baby has been baked…


Not just another beautiful day… Wednesday….

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At lunch today a co-worker came in and said “hey – there’s a piece of paper on your car…”  So – I thumped out there with my cane and sure enough there WAS a piece of paper on my car.  It’s called a ticket.  This morning the guys on the radio were so stinkin’ funny that I was busy laughing instead of hanging my “I’m a temporary cripple” card.  Somehow the morning guys weren’t THAT funny…   look who’s laughing now…   Did you know that the fine for this is $100.00?  That’s a little high for somebody who has already gotten kicked don’t you think?

It was an otherwise beautiful day.  I drove up to my mailbox and pulled out a card.  It had a post-it on it that said “if you can’t get to Murdock just sign this and I’ll leave the package on the porch tomorrow.”  Did I mention that it was a really nice day?  So nice I decided to drive to Murdock to the Post Office and get my Sari Silk Scraps from some guy named Mohammed in Bangladesh or somewhere… 

The winter wheat is just going great.  Everything is leafing out and the  ride to  “town” was pretty.  I limped into the Post Office for my package.  After a fairly thorough search the guy there told me that the mailman had locked it in the safe in Cheney to deliver the next day.  Now… I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I understand basic English.  So I asked him “why would the mailman leave me a note telling me that if I don’t drive down here today and pick this up he’ll leave it on my porch tomorrow if he’s not bringing it here.  To the Post Office.  At the town where my mail comes from…???”  Now I say the word “guy” at the PO because I’m not sure he’s an employee.  There are only about 20 houses in the metropolis of Murdock.    There is no “THERE” there anymore and frankly… I don’t think there ever really was.  We have a new post-mistress that I’ve never actually seen.   When I drive down here  I only see this guy that lives across the street and always seems to be at the post office.  He’s a really nice guy – used to be the one with the paper routes in the area but I’m not sure he’s really an employee… I don’t care as he has way more money than me and can buy his own craft supplies and isn’t likely to take my wool or silk scraps…    Oh damn – off I go again.  Well – long story medium… he tells me that since I just signed the card the mailman will leave it for me tomorrow.  This I know.  But I still don’t understand why the mailman bothered to leave me a note that made it LOOK like I had a choice.

Hello world!

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OK – so yesterday was my second day back on my feet.  I walked down to the cafeteria and got my salad.  Unfortunately on my way back a student stood up causing me to pause and shift a bit.  It took about 1/2 an hour to get the salad dressing out of my blouse.  It took about 4 hours to get back my pride.  It took about 10 hours to get all the croutons and cheese out of my bra….