Was that REALLY necessary?

Yesterday I drove into Wichita to meet with “the folks” for lunch at the Hometown Buffet.  Wow – I hate to be rude but now I know where people go when the state fair ISN’T on…  What a sad and frightening little slice of heaven that place is.    The food was great but if we are truly judged by the company we keep I’m in deep doo doo.   Perhaps I should just grow a beard and eat there everyday…

The news is decidedly boring lately…   Weiner-gate continues to grow (sorry – no pun intended) and I cannot imagine why this man thought his male member was fabulous enough to sext to anyone.  No – I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to.  I have however seen his face and in all fairness perhaps the image that he sent was his “best side”.  I am just grateful that right now we are not in the “school year” and so we are not having to explain or survive this topic in “current affairs”  (yet another unfortunate and unintended pun!)

I have managed to avoid working on the house for days now – only by cleverly working outside cleaning the garden up a bit and planting some green beans.  I love to plant things.  They usually wither and die but I plant really well and in vast quantities and eventually some of my plants do manage to survive.  Last year we had lovely tomato plants.  They never bore fruit but they were really nice plants…

I’m going upstairs to where my studio is supposed to be.  I have to begin sorting all of my hobby stuff and get it organized so that I can fit my wool and baby making stuff up there too.  I am afraid that I will have to begin getting rid of the tons of fabric that I’ve stockpiled in the event of another depression.  The silly part of this poorly thought out plan is that if there is one I won’t be able to find a place to live big enough to hold it all…  And now – 2 cats and a couple of ceiling-high stacks of newspapers short of being on a “hoarders” episode –  I am depressed about where to even begin…  But I will survive this and win and I know that because my son is coming out over the fourth and he HAS to be able to get to his old bed and I want to make him proud.


~ by sbsanny on June 9, 2011.

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