Life could be a dream…

Well here I am in Minnesota…. It’s been an interesting trip.  On the way up I saw a moving van that had crashed and there were mattresses sticking up in the air… It wasn’t as interesting as the time that the moving van had burned up and a fireman was sitting on one arm of the still-smouldering sofa having a cigarette…  Now THAT was interesting!  I’ve alway been sorry that I didn’t get a picture of that.  But I’m not the photographer in the family.

My car has been shifting funny for a long time – my transmission was dying.  It’s getting fixed this weekend.  I made it up here okay.  Got two bum tires that were making it brake funny too.  I’ll be replacing those while I’m up here.  We laugh all the time when I’m here… well almost all of the time.

Went to the Edina Art Fair today and got my neck sunburned but had a good time.  I wish we could move up here because there is so much to do but I hate winter…

If anyone is reading this you’ll be happy to know that my “cowgirl” showed up at the flea market in Wichita last week.  She’s still kicking!  I finished a baby to keep just before I left to come up here but when I went to the doctors office before I left the nurse bought her.  She was a keeper but I didn’t.  The money was just too tempting.  Now I can get more baby kits!  Poor Mark.  More later – I’m sure…


~ by sbsanny on June 6, 2010.

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