Where did my cowgirl go….?

Today we went to the monthly flea market.  I promised myself that I would NOT bitch about the lazy people who motor around on those carts just because they’ve gotten too fat to walk.  Hover-round my A##.  More like run-over-round… oops, too late – bitching…  But you know – if I can walk around on a broken foot for a year – really – can’t they manage for an hour or two?  Do people really not know that if you do nothing and eat anything that after a number of years you WILL achieve maximum density?

So – I had a pretty good morning actually.  I got everything my little heart desired and then some.  I got a baby buggy (for my little fake babies…) I got some more really old pictures of people who we aren’t related to… maybe I will “create” ancestors for my babies…hmmmm….  I got a lovely framed photo of a baby that has highlights painted on it – also no relation….  I got a couple of stereopticon cards for my stereopticon…  I got some turned spindles to make a  folding screen that LOOKS Victorian.   Wow – re-reading this I see that most of my life is faux….  fake babies, fake relatives, fake furniture.

We found some old cabinet doors that are oak and glass.  They are really nice.  Mark is going to build a “wall” out of them for edge of the basement stairs so we don’t fall in the hole.  I think that’s a stellar idea.  I love architectural salvage.  I like old houses and love the idea of putting cool stuff in my house.  Makes it look old.  Oh boy – there we go with the faux thing again…

You know what I missed today?  The lady that is ALWAYS at the flea market who dresses in beautiful western costumes wasn’t there this morning.  Maybe I missed her.  Well… – I DID miss her.  She always looks so “cool” in her outfits.  She doesn’t just kind of look western – she looks like she leapt out of a wild west show or a really good old western.  And she wasn’t there – so where did she go?  And there is nothing FAUX about her.  She’s a real live cowgirl – unless of course she’s dead… 

P.S. Don’t send me messages or make comments about your relative who really didn’t do anything stupid and is honestly crippled.  You don’t know me but I’m terribly sympathetic to those who are truly disabled.  I work with them five days a week.  I’m talking about the folks that tool thru the grocery aisles with the little basket overflowing with ding-dongs and chips who also just happen to weigh oh – four or five HUNDRED pounds… you know you’ve seen them too.    It wouldn’t be so bad that they are lazy but many of them are pushy, mean and rude too.


~ by sbsanny on April 19, 2010.

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